Lee’s Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer medical care to our clients with large animals, such as horses and cows and pigs. Today, more veterinary clinics are focusing only on small domestic animals. However, Lee’s Veterinary Hospital is here for your large animal needs as well.

Our clinic has special accommodations for your equine, bovine or swine animals at our facility if it is necessary to bring them into our hospital to see the doctor. Some services that we provide that must be done within our hospital are surgery, diagnostic testing and intensive care.

The doctors at Lee’s also make farm call visits to save their clients and animals the difficulty of hauling an animal in for a simple vaccine or check-up. Some services that can also be done at your farm include:

  • Dehorning
  • Castration
  • Dental Care
  • Minor Surgery
  • Eye Care
  • Lameness Evaluation

Another facet of our service is herd health care. Disease can be devastating to a livestock producer’s herd. Our doctors and staff will work with you to monitor and administer proper vaccines, de-worming medicines, and regular exams to keep your herd healthy and valuable.

Our doctors can help you with reproductive services, general health, vaccines, major illness and appropriate diet considerations for your farm animals. Call Lee’s Veterinary Hospital at 256-734-1177 to schedule a visit with one of our doctors.