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Unfortunately, no matter how well we take care of our pets, our time with them is limited. When your faithful companion is nearing his or her final days, our compassionate doctors and staff are here for you and your pet. Dealing with a pet that is facing the end of life is an extremely difficult process, which is why our hospital offers hospice and euthanasia services to our clients. With our hospice care, our doctors monitor your pet during this difficult time to ensure their best quality of life. We also provide euthanasia services when the time comes, and have selected medications that provide your pet with the most peace and the least pain. Our team has been there through the life of your pet, and we will be there for you both at the end of their time with you.

Hospice care is designed to keep your pet as pain-free as possible, and is available when all other options for treatment have been exhausted. Our doctors provide monitoring during this time, administration of medication, and vital sign review. Our caring doctors and staff do all they can to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible.

Lee’s Veterinary Hospital will be there for you when the time comes to help your pet pass painlessly and peacefully. The euthanasia process begins with a thorough explanation of what will happen before, during, and after your pet falls asleep for the last time. One of our doctors will administer medication that will keep your animal companion pain free and calm. Our staff will be there to help you throughout the procedure and answer any questions with sympathy and compassion.

Lee’s Veterinary Hospital provides hospice care and euthanasia services for patients in Cullman and the nearby communities of Vinemont, Fairview, West Point, and Good Hope, Alabama.