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Lee’s Veterinary Hospital takes diagnosing your pet one step further by offering ultrasound services to pet owners in Cullman, Vinemont, Fairview, West Point, and Good Hope, Alabama. Ultrasound is an extremely useful, non-invasive diagnostic instrument that produces clear, easy to read images that are more detailed than an x-ray.

The ultrasound allows our experienced veterinarians at Lee’s Veterinary Hospital to visualize the structure and architecture of abdominal organs so they can find any abnormalities that cannot be seen or felt during an examination. It is used most often to diagnose bladder and kidney stones, discover abdominal masses, to aid in the assessment of organ function, to diagnose cardiac problems, and to evaluate pregnancies.

The ultrasound uses high frequency soundwaves to create a moving picture of your pet's internal organs. It sends sound waves into the area of interest where they may be transmitted through, reflected or absorbed by the tissues they encounter. The ultrasound waves that are reflected will return as echoes to the device and are converted into an image giving a 2-dimensional picture of the tissues being examined.

The doctors at Lee’s Veterinary Hospital are well trained in the usage of this amazing diagnostic tool.