Once you bring home a new puppy or kitten it is necessary to bring them into the clinic to see for their first visit! Our junior wellness plan includes the first vaccines and shots as well as boosters and as well as their spay/neuter procedure.

As your pet ages, they can experience many of the same issues that come with years that people do. Lee’s Veterinary Hospital has a senior wellness program for your four-legged friend that is founded on the knowledge that preventative care is always better than treatment of a problem. Our senior program includes physical examination, bloodwork including a complete blood count, liver and kidney chemistry values and heartworm testing. An oral health exam will be conducted to determine the health of your pet’s teeth, and cleanings and extractions will be scheduled as needed. Nutritional counseling and diet needs for your pet will be addressed by one of our experienced and compassionate doctors. Your senior pet has been with you for a long time-help insure they are as healthy as long as possible by scheduling a senior wellness exam at Lee’s today.